Support and assistance

Life is diversity

Many kinds of people come to Kloster Holzen and they enrich the community life that goes on there: leisure and conference guests, party-goers, hotel and guesthouse employees … and people with disabilities, who live and work in the Dominikus-Ringeisen-Foundation facilities. Mentally handicapped people, people with multiple disabilities, with physical disabilities, autism or acquired brain injury.

Kloster Holzen is part of the Augsburg Nord region. This also includes the facilities in Meitingen und Nordendorf.
The regional management can be reached through the secretary's office on tel. 08273/798-150.

Following Dominikus Ringeisen's mandate, we aim to respect every person and all their needs here at Kloster Holzen. For people with disabilities that means supporting them in their daily lives and giving individual encouragement according to their abilities.

  • Accommodation in various groups.
  • Sophisticated range of leisure and support activities for clients.
  • Training and employment in workshop facilities.
  • Products from the workshop facilities available in the Kloster Holzen shop.

Good living

Almost 70 residents currently call Kloster Holzen home. In addition to accommodation in residential care facilities, there are also many activities available for them to enjoy. For example, football and swimming groups, creative groups, a liturgy circle, a music and singing circle, theatre projects or therapeutic riding. Some of these activities, for example the weekly coffee club, are also open for anyone who is interested.
The decentralised residential services concept can be found at the Meitingen and Nordendorf sites. Around 30 people live in three quietly situated buildings. The inhabitants of the external housing groups also have the opportunity to find employment and make use of the range of leisure activities on offer and the daycare facility.

Work and employment

… is available for people with disabilities – depending on their individual interests and talents – in the workshop or production facilities in Holzen. The possible fields of employment range from metal working and industrial production to horticulture, nature workshops and ceramics or housekeeping. For people who are not able to work on grounds of age, there is a daycare centre for the elderly here on site.

The results of their creativity and their workmanlike skills can be seen at the Hotel Kloster Holzen and be purchased at the Kloster Holzen shop. Come along and take a look ...

Your contacts at the facility for the disabled

Regional Head Augsburg North:
Martin Burkhart
Tel: 08273 798-150, 08273 798-151

Accommodation Furnishings Manager:
Thomas Kreutle
Tel: 08273 798-200, Fax: 08273 798-203

Head of Workshops and Special Needs Facilities:
Bernhard Christi
Tel.: 08273 798-300, Fax:08273 798-333

Head of Decentralised Residential Services Meitingen & Nordendorf:
Vera Lachenmaier
Tel.: 08273 798-201, Fax.: 08273 798-203