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"Wisdom" from the monastery and close to nature

Monastery garden and orchards, forests and meadows and the River Schmutter – Kloster Holzen and the surrounding area offers numerous opportunities to enjoy nature. Whether you would like to enjoy the effect of this idyll while taking a walk, jogging on the monastery's circular route or while making the most of "the open air" at Kloster Holzen with a group herb walk – no matter what you choose, you will feel the soothing, calming effect it has on you. It's the perfect counterbalance after an intensive day of meetings ...

In keeping with the monastic environment, the Kloster Holzen conference hotel also offers spiritually influenced seminars which provide added impetus for corporate culture and organisation.

Conferences and active relaxation in the open air

  • "Meetings in the countryside", under the fruit trees or in the cloister garden
  • Meditation options (places of retreat in the hotel, church, grotto and herb garden ...)
  • Exercise and sport at the Kloster Holzen (on request)

Retreat: business and spirituality

"Retreat at Kloster Holzen signifies the coming together, the crossing of paths and the reunion of the secular worlds (vita activa and vita passiva) and the spiritual worlds (ora and labora)."
Spirituality here in Holzen is resting and journeying along the path to an inner depth and vastness, a way to find yourself, the path to a holistic understanding of oneself. The Kloster Holzen retreat offers the ideal setting to look at things from a healthy distance and to find a new path, gain new strength and vigor, refine your personal approach to life and encounters.
The next date in the "Retreat" series: "Business and Spirituality" is from the 6th to 8th November 2015.

Spiritual impetus in dialogue with Franciscan monks

For many centuries monasteries were powerful and influential institutions. They were educational institutions and economic and agricultural enterprises. What can today's modern businesses learn from a monastery? How is life and work structured in a monastery and how does an individual work to the benefit of the whole community? Find out in discussion with a Franciscan monk and learn more about organisational structures, corporate culture, rituals, conflict management, health and nutrition and get the all the answers to your questions relating to your business.

Guided monastery and church tours

A guided tour through the monastery complex (8 €/person) or through the magnificently decorated Baroque Church of St. John the Baptist (please make a donation) will enrich your conference or meeting. One of the few nuns still living at Kloster Holzen will guide you through the church and will tell of her religious way of life.

Herb walks

Thanks to its varied and wonderful flora, Kloster Holzen offers an inspirational insight into the world of decorative, medicinal and aromatic plants. Discover the treasures of the meadows, forests and herb gardens for yourself with the herbalist and folk medicine practitioner Sophie Bösel.

  • "Out in the countryside" – the somewhat different walk at the Kloster Holzen
    Did you know that the buckhorn plant provides a very valuable service after an insect bite? Or that the mugwort plant provides relief for those "hiking blisters"?
    Duration: approx. 1 hour Cost: 80 €
  • "Herb garden oasis"
    Herb gardens have a very long tradition. Discover more about the herb garden at Kloster Holzen, how it came into being and its plants.
    Duration: approx. 1 hour Cost: 80 €

Find out more in the herb walks flyer at Kloster Holzen

We will gladly put together a tailored accompanying programme for your conference or meeting. Simply ask us.