Chapel and grotto

Intimate places for contemplation and thought

A monastery is a place of silence and contemplation. Even today, when Kloster Holzen is also host to a hotel, you will still find an oasis of peace. To be alone for yourself and your thoughts or to lead a two-way dialogue with God.

Not in the monastery church, but in the intimate setting provided by nature ...

The Loreto Chapel

The chapel on the south side of the monastery complex in modeled on the "Santa Casa" church in Loreto. The "Holy House", in which, according to legend, Mary grew up and where the angel announced to her that she would give birth to Jesus, was taken from Nazareth to Italy in the 13th century. "Santa Casa" helped the little town just south of Ascona to become the second most important place of pilgrimage in Italy.

At the front of the Holzen's Loreto Chapel is a small room with altar for contemplation. Behind it a staircase awaits visitors. In former times, the nuns climbed these stairs on their knees in prayer and remembrance of the sufferings of Christ.

Lourdes Grotto

Take just a few steps through the forest behind the monastery church and you will find yourself at another place with another great role model. The grotto that has been set up here is reminiscent of the Grotto of Lourdes in southwest France, near which the Mother of God appeared to Bernadette Soubirous several times. Lourdes later became an important place of pilgrimage after some miraculous healings and Bernadette was canonised.