The monastery church in Holzen

God's house. Jewel. Landmark

Set on the solid foundations of the Karlsberg mountain you will find the Church of St. John the Baptist. The tower reaches high up towards the sky and offers views across the River Schmutter and across the Lech Valley. The interior of the monastery, which was consecrated in 1710, impresses with its detailed stucco, ceiling frescoes, reliquary altars and a Baroque high altar. It depicts a wealth that stands in delightful contrast to the monastic austerity throughout the rest of the monastery complex.

  • Stunning monastery church on the Karlsberg mountain.
  • Mass on Sundays at 8.45am in the monastery church
  • Central ceiling fresco "Between Heaven and Earth".
  • Church concerts, baptisms, communion and confirmation.

From paintings to guiding light

The centre of the stunningly decorated ceiling forms a large painting. It depicts the globe and on it the Holzen monastery church. Above it is the firmament. Kloster Holzen – between heaven and earth! This work of art depicts the natural interaction between spiritual and worldly things that influence life at Kloster Holzen now, and as it did then.

Holzen - a place of pilgrimage

From 1740 onwards, Holzen became a place of pilgrimage. The disignation of the believers journey was, and still is, the Infant Jesus of Holzen. The childish figure is clad in precious robes and stands on a side altar opposite the entrance. On the left of the altar, in a small cabinet, there are some votive offerings. Each one of them tells a story of wishes and prayers that have already been fulfilled.

Place of worship and of celebration

Sunday mass takes place in the church every Sunday at 8.45am. In addition, church concerts regularly attract music lovers to Holzen.

You can also use the monastery church for your religious ceremonies, such as for weddings, communions or confirmations. The subsequent celebrations can take place in the monastery inn and at the Hotel Kloster Holzen. Ceremony, food, party and accommodation – all in one place and in unique surroundings.

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