Special experiences in and around Kloster Holzen

Hiking. meditating, golf, cycling, getting to know Bavaria ...

Enjoy the warmth of the sunshine in the monastic calm of the orchard, the tranquility of the cloister garden or the monastery church. The well-maintained monastery complex with its apple and pear orchards, the forests and the gently sloping fields, offers an abundance of wonderful places for contemplation, meditation and deceleration.

Relaxing holidays with exercise and meditation

You can also make the most of this idyllic scenery for exercise and sport, for example, while discovering Bavaria on a bicycle. Kloster Holzen offers an attractive, year-round accompanying programme which includes herbal walks, Nordic walking tours and relaxation programmes such as Jacobean muscle relaxation and full body massages. Enquire about our current special experiences on offer now!

Special experiences and offers at Kloster Holzen

  • Hiking and cycling trails, Way of St. James, River Schmutter
  • Orchard, cloister garden and herb garden
  • Grotto and chapel
  • For children: petting zoo and playground
  • Your balance: wellness massages, osteopathy, singing bowl therapy and phonophoresis - see our offers
  • Sport and exercise (on request)
  • Meditation option (indoor and outdoor)

Monastery tour with Sister Katharina

Get acquainted with Kloster Holzen in a very special way with Sister Katharina. You will get to know the history of Holzen monastery and Sister Katharinas' tales "of yesteryear to the present day" will allow you to eavesdrop on history. You can experience this very authentic moment on special dates - for more information please contact our reception.

Hiking and Nordic walking in the nature park

On numerous circular hiking routes and idyllic trails along the River Schmutter you can experience the tranquility and charm of the natural surroundings. Kloster Holzen is located in the "Western Forests" of Augsburg Nature Park. The Way of St. James and the "Romantic Road" pass by in the immediate vicinity.
Nordic walking sticks can be borrowed free of charge from reception. We are also happy to advise you on your route.

Cycling near Augsburg in Bavaria

Kloster Holzen is, among other things, a stop on the 7 Swabia Tour. This tour leads 220 kilometres around the "Western Forests" of the Augsburg Nature Park. In this way you will get to know Bavaria from its greenest side while on your bike - in the administrative region of Swabia. Swabia and Bavaria mingle together here in Augsburg and in the most charming way possible. The 7 Swabia Tour is ideal for cycling in Bavaria for the whole family, as the gradients are not too difficult.

The "Romantic Road" cycle path will take you along the River Schmutter to Donauwörth – and along the Lech to Augsburg. Other routes along which you can get to know Bavaria and Bavarian-Swabia while rolling along on your bike are the Danube cycle path and the "Via Claudia Augusta" cycle path. Setting out from Donauwörth you will experience 5 different types of landscape, among them the Geo Park Ries, where you can wonder at the geological and scenic beauty of a meteorite crater. The bicycles for your cycling trip through Bavaria can be hired from the bike rental service in Donauwörth. Every cycling tour can of course be crowned off with a visit to the monastery beer garden.

As a certified ADFC Bed & Bike Hotel (German Bicycle Association) we offer bicycle-friendly services such as lockable bike sheds, puncture repair kits, biking maps and route guides, route planning, packed lunches and a drying room for clothing.

Our reliable partner workshop for bigger repairs: 2Radstadl in Wertingen. With 25 years of workshop experience, Bernhard Hirschbolz will competently get to grips with your mechanical problems.

Relax your body - massages at Kloster Holzen

Fill up on new energy with revitalising treatments and relaxation techniques.
You will be looked after professionally:
Uwe Kuschel - physiotherapist and qualified osteopath and Barbara Gundel - natural health professional for psychotherapy with singing bowl treatments and meditation.
Experience "your own balance" for more calmness and happiness with our offers.

Golf close to the Kloster Holzen

Playing golf is a fantastic way to enjoy nature at your own pace, be sociable and do something for your fitness at the same time. There are plenty of golf courses to be found in the immediate vicinity. We will gladly organise your tee-off times.

Excursions by boat in Bavarian-Swabia

The idyllic river valleys and lakes of Bavarian-Swabia can be experienced particularly intensively by boat. A boat rental service for your boating excursions on, for example, the Danube, the Wörnitz or the Schmutter, can be found in Donauwörth.

Culture at Kloster Holzen and in the surrounding areas

Cultural events such as jazz, organ and church concerts take place at irregular intervals at Kloster Holzen. For dates please take a look at the events overview.
Thanks to expertly guided monastery tours you will discover more about the eventful history of Kloster Holzen, which was founded as a Benedictine double monastery around the year 1150 (8 €/person). Guided tours of the baroque monastery church are offered by the nuns in exchange for a donation.

Awaiting you at Kloster Holzen from 6th September 2014 to 6th February 2015 is the impressive art exhibition series "Fifth Force".
Bernhard Schmid - Artist - Wood Designer
"...he who speaks to trees." He will fascinate you with his wooden sculptures in 5 temporary exhibitions.
Trees provide strength - Monasteries provide strength
- Vernissage, guided art and monastery tour as well as culinary highlights

The nearby city of Augsburg awaits you with its 2,000 year history and its rich offer of cultural delights – and with some very significant secular and religious monuments such as the Cathedral of Our Lady, the Episcopal residence, the Golden Hall in Augsburg's town hall and the Fugger Museum. Just 30 kilometres away, Augsburg is well worth including on one of the stages of your cycling tour through Bavaria, setting off from Kloster Holzen. Also worthy of a visit is the pretty old town of Donauwörth, 20 kilometres away, at the confluence of the Danube and the Wörnitz and can also be easily integrated into your cycling in Bavaria adventure.

Spiritual impulses at Kloster Holzen

Even today some nuns from the Order of St. Josephs Congregation Ursberg lead an active cloister lifestyle. Spiritual impulses can also be had with a visit to the devotions or an organ concert.

Meditation / exercise programmes at Kloster Holzen

Meditating in the cloister garden is soothing for body, mind and soul. Guided herbal walks and workshops, during which you can also make your own herbal oils, help to strengthen the bond with nature.
Discover our hotel packages for your relaxation:
"Time for recuperation" 6 days, 5 nights including relaxation programmes and luxury-board
"Pure recuperation" - time out from the daily routine
"Kloster Holzen sounds" - Deep relaxation thanks to singing bowl therapy