Kloster Holzen
– between heaven and earth

Monastery, living space and hotel near Augsburg

Between heaven and earth. Worldly and spiritual. These are not opposites, but two sides of the same coin. Kloster Holzen brings both together in the same place. In and around the former Benedictine monastery near Augsburg, which is now in the possession of the Dominikus-Ringeisen-Foundation, a unique ensemble has been brought together ...

1 concept, 2 axles, 4 cardinal directions

The centre of the complex is the square inner courtyard, around which Kloster Holzen is grouped. This is where the two axles cross: the Benedictine axle which runs from east to west with the two Ora and Labora and the earthly axle which runs north to south with the Vita Activa and Vita Passiva. All facilities and services at our hotel on the Romantic Road are oriented towards these four poles.

  • Ora, latin for "pray": stands for the spirituality that you will experience in your own very special way here at the monastery near Augsburg. A sign of this, which is actually set in stone, is the stunning Baroque monastery church to the east. Beyond that is the monastery forest with its Lourdes grotto which is also a relaxing place to pause and find yourself.
  • Labora, latin for "work": this is represented by the 11 ultra modern seminar and function rooms, which can be found in the opposite wing to the west.
  • Vita Passiva: this is the peace and tranquility you will enjoy in the hotel rooms in the south wing of the building. Further rooms and suites can be found in the west wing and in the outbuildings, which are also part of the monastery in Augsburg.
  • Vita Activa: this is also a vital part of life, and thus the concept of our hotel in Bavaria. The north wing and the outbuildings beyond offer a breakfast area, monastery inn and beer garden to while away in, events and activities.

Live in and with nature

The expansive grounds around our hotel near Augsburg have a few very interesting surprises waiting for you: For example, 3 courtyards with seating areas to take a rest in, a chapel for contemplation, a monastery forest with grotto, an educational forest trail and a petting zoo. Our own orchard and beehives are also part of the idyllic landscaped grounds in the middle of the countryside and help enrich the breakfast every morning.

In the outbuildings and in some of the buildings around Kloster Holzen there are facilities for the support and accompaniment of people with disabilities. Products made by them, as well as delicacies from our hotel near Augsburg, can be bought to take away from our Kloster Holzen shop.

Experience Holzen first hand

The hotel between Donauwörth and Augsburg is not only one of the most beautiful hotels on the Romantic Road, but also one of the most extraordinary hotels in Bavaria. You can find out the quickest and easiest way to get here by taking a look at the location and getting here page.

We look forward to welcoming you here, between heaven and earth, very soon.

Enjoy the view over Kloster Holzen ...between heaven and earth